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you wanna live in.
Dream it out loud,
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Bono, U2

08 Oct 2012Painted a year ago

Instagram Photo of bird painted with chalk

Roughly a year ago a very good friend of mine, Benjamin Rabe, was organising an event for iPhone fingerpainters from all over the world. He invited them to come over to our shared office space and have a couple of drinks. I can't remember who came up with the idea, but we finally bought a bunch of paint tubes and asked the painters to try and somehow return to real painting, with real paint and a real canvas. And since all of them should do it together, the canvas simply had to be one of our office walls.

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting in progress

Over the next couple of hours, these guys really went into something, and so the painting on our wall grew and grew.

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting in progress

And it grew even further.

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting in progress

We really had good fun watching the work in progress. Everybody, even guests without prior painting experience, was giving it a try. Everybody was invited to fill the wall up and paint what they were feeling like.

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting in progress

Everybody was in a flow. Even when waiting outside, it was a nice and warm night, the people couldn't stop painting, this time using crayons, and they went on painting little pictures on the street.

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting on the streets using chalk

After having painted for almost 5 hours, everybody was happy with the result and proud of being part of this happening. The final picture is about 5 meters wide and almost 3 meters high, and it does not fit in full size on the following image.

Instagram Photo of finished fingerpainting

But feel invited to come over and take a look yourself! The painting is still there and will be around until we leave the office to the next residents. When coming back to the office the next morning, we were glad it haven't rained yet and the chalk paintings outside were still visible.

Instagram Photo of finished chalk fingerpainting

When taking a closer look at the big painting inside, I noticed a number of nifty details.

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting details

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting details

Instagram Photo of fingerpainting details

It was just a wonderful evening. Thanks to everyone who was taking part in this, and even more thanks to the guy who created this living and one-of-a-kind experience, Benjamin Rabe!

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