Dream of the kind of world
you wanna live in.
Dream it out loud,
at high volume

Bono, U2
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About me

Ruby developer, guitar music lover, amateur photographer, absolutely galao addicted, and living in Wellington, New Zealand, with his wife and his five kids.

My current projects are the Awesome Fontstacks, and my employer's website: Sharesight.

I'm the maintainer of AASM (Ruby state machine), exceptionist (Rails engine for enforcing exceptions) and AssertJson (Provide an easy way to test JSON strings)

Latest Blog Entries

13 Jun 2016 Making of

Let's get started, using a pencil.

Making of, part 1

Trace it using a fineliner.

Making of, part 2

Getting rid of those pencil strokes.

Making of, part 3


Making of, part 4

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