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you wanna live in.
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at high volume

Bono, U2

09 Feb 2012Royale with Cheese

Image taken from Pulp Fiction movie

As Vincent Vega put it, “it’s the little differences”. When moving to New Zealand I expected lots of things to take care of. And indeed, there were lots of little things to do. But what puzzles most, it’s the little differences. It’s not only about driving on the left side of the road (that was easy and well-known). And it’s not about having two water taps, one for cold and one for hot (really hot!) water (God only knows why they do that).

Did you ever said “Thanks” to the bus driver bringing you to work? No, me neither. But here in Wellington they do. What’s really a pain is the fact that when searching for a house to rent, you will never know how many square meters the place has. Only thing you get is the number of bedrooms, no matter how big these are. If you are lucky, they tell you if it’s a king-size or queen-size (regarding the bed). But for Germans this is pretty much like saying that the place had enough space so far.

I’ll keep you up-to-date. There’s lot more…

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