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09 Mar 2012Started watching... on GitHub

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If you just want to know, who of the people you follow on GitHub started watching a repository, or started following anyone, simply setup a task on ifttt and don't get all the noise provided by the GitHub activity feed.

How to set it up

1. Create a new task Create a task on ifttt.com

2. Click on this and select the feed symbol Select feed symbol on ifttt.com

3. Then choose the trigger New feed item matches Choose a trigger on ifttt.com

4. Complete the trigger fields by entering started watching and your activity feed url https://github.com/alto.private.atom?token=... Complete trigger fields on ifttt.com

5. Create the trigger by pressing the button and select a target by clicking the that link. Select target on ifttt.com

6. Click on the email icon for example Select email symbol on ifttt.com

7. Then choose the trigger action again Send me an email Choose a target trigger on ifttt.com

8. And finally create the new action by pressing Create the action on ifttt.com

9. Give your new task a nice description and create the task The final step on ifttt.com Finished!

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